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Appsolute Value Lapps is a networked startup where digital professionals collaborate in numerous ways. We use technologies like IoT, Biometrics, AT and AI (Bots) to develop prototypes. We do this for a reason....


All our members work at companies (as a contractor, agency, tech startup or full-time employed) who (need to) react on emerging, ever-evolving tech changes, new business models or stiff competition from 'digital disruptors'. Our prototypes are based on outside-in business value creation. With Purpose and Passion - at Lapps, we learn how to translate digital business value into technology, business operations, organisation and the business model of the 'targeted (client) company.


At Appsolute Value we belief in the opportunities mobile-enabled technologies bring to businesses and help them to succeed and to cope with disruption. Disrupt or Be Disrupted.



We welcome our new family members at Appsolute Value.

And the good news is, they are for rent !


We have Patty, The Personal Shopper. Bart, the Banker, Dora, the Medical Assistant and Ted, The Travel agent.

And we are adding more !


They are very smart. OK, artificially but just like all of us, they learn every day. Their favorite hobbies are interacting with real people, messaging apps and mobile phones. That’s why they fit in so well at Appsolute Value. And why not with your customers ?


The value they bring ? Conversational Commerce.


Marketers love them; Instead of spending thousands of media dollars reaching a 1 or 2% of your target, Bots now offer real personal assistance to serve all your customers personal.


Our Bots bring digital,mobile and enterprise systems together.


If you think they are no good, too bad ! They are not for you. It’s OK, we are the last ones to say you can’t make mistakes.

For those who want to know more about our Bots, click the button !




Building the Future of Commerce -

Connecting Brands with Conversational Commerce

We Collaborate, Network and Partner with the Best

At Lapps we shape new Healthcare - to contribute to make better lives, using mobile technology


MediTracker App


Hospital-in-Your -Pocket

for Soutlake Medical Center

Arthritis Health App

for Arthrisisresearch.ca/jointhealth.org